Success Stories

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Sara and Tess’ Story

Sisters Overcome Abuse and Neglect, Flourish in Healing Environment

Alyssa’s Story

Journey from Homelessness to Higher Education

Shayna’s Story

Turnaround from Crisis to Academic Success and Empathy

Nate’ Story

Journey from a Lost Child to Inspirational Teen Leader

Jordie’s Story

Rising Above Challenges while Transitioning to Adulthood

Lorey’s Story

Intensive therapy helped a mom and her children after their dad became addicted to Oxycontin.

Amber’s Story

A 17-year-old lost her mom, and then her aunt. She found safety in our shelter.

Omar’s Story

Dad abandoned an 11-year-old and his family. Counseling brings healing.

Tina’s Story

An abused woman becomes a parent leader.

Carlos’ Story

An at-risk teen is mentored, and leads his peers.

Sean’s Story

Crippled by anxiety, a pre-teen learns strategies to manage his life.

Nicole’s Story

A depressed teen in a troubled family gets the help she needs.

Daina’s Story

A neglected and abused girl learns to trust adults again.

Tami’s Story

After divorce, a depressed mom turns her life around.

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Empower Change

As a donor, you provide a safety net and transform the lives of thousands of children and families each year. You can help the family who’s come to us for counseling, desperate for one small ray of hope. Or help a homeless teen become a self-sufficient adult. Or help kids learn to make good choices in and after school.